The Crew

The project started as a one man venture - now our team has grown. Below you can learn more about us.

Photo-ThorstenThorsten Böhnke was the first aboard. He brings his experience in filming, editing and sailing along. Furthermore, his knowledge about boats - he is a shipbuilding engineer - comes in handy. Photo-LauraLaura Winter already assisted Thorsten during the shooting of the first film and is now onboard full-time. As a marine ecologist, she is responsible for research for the film as well as for the scientific projects.
Photo-HolgerHolger Böhnke is responsible for the communication. As a computer scientist, he hosts the website with his company Amarin. He also takes care of public relations in Germany. He sailed on 'Corinthian' from Trinidad to Martinique.


Didier Claudel assists in all possible ways. After 5 years in Martinique, he is familiar with many of the local plants and animals - from the top of the  volcano to the reefs on the sea floor. He sailed on 'Corinthian' from Martinique to Trinidad.

Photo Doris


Doris Stadler actively supports us from her office in Germany. She is responsible for the promotion of our film tour in Germany. In addition, she takes care of DVD shipping within Europe.